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We aim to unlock human insights at scale and speed for people-centric businesses. Genway’s end-to-end Rapid User Interviewing solution leverages the latest AI technology to conduct user research autonomously, augmenting research by Insight Generating Functions with actionable insights in real-time.

Rapid User Interviews by AI
Autonomously and in Real Time

Speech Emotion Recognition

Measure dozens of emotions expressed in the human voice with our state of the art sentiment model

Facial Expression Detection

Facial expression detection analyzes facial features and movements to identify emotions.

AI Tagging & Themes

Cut post-interview tasks with AI-based Auto Tagging—robust yet flexible.

AI Summary

Reduce post-interview work with personalized summaries for relevant stakeholders.

Workflow Integration

Integrate interview data seamlessly into workflows for improved efficiency and productivity.

Human-alike Voice Mode

Interviewees choose between human-like voice conversations and text engagement.

Rapid Research with an end-2-end solution

Our AI Interviewer schedules, conducts, analyzes, and synthesizes findings across thousands of interviews, providing Insight Generating Functions with a comprehensive view of their customers’ needs.


On average it takes between 30 minutes to 2 hours, to schedule a single user interview; not accounting for no-shows and missed opportunities due to time zone differences.
Ease the burden of scheduling user interviews with Genway’s scheduling mechanism, and 24/7 availability.


A typical session-to-interview ratio is 2:3. Meaning a 20-minute session with an interviewee, requires 30 minutes to conduct.

Conduct rapid 10 - 20 minute user interviews with our state-of-the-art, Insight Generating Function dedicated, conversational AI system.


According to a Gartner study, analyzing 5 user interviews can take 8 - 16 hours of work.

Genway's proprietary Big-Data indexing mechanism allows real-time generation of summaries, themes, and insights along with quantitative metrics.


Streamline your rapid insights into existing workflows to maximize accountability, execution, and impact.

Supercharge your CX understanding with Rapid User Interviews at Scale

Gain deeper and more holistic insight into your users’ perspectives, enhancing your ability to make informed CX/UX improvements.

Identify Customer Experience paper-cuts autonomously and in real-time

In customer experience excellence, swiftly pinpointing issues across a large customer base is crucial. Identifying these "paper-cuts" in real-time allows for quick resolution, boosting CX satisfaction and increasing revenue.

A Rapid Research Solution
for Teams that operate at scale and velocity

Teams working at high speed and scale, this rapid research solution offers an efficient way to gather insights and make data-driven decisions. It streamlines the research process, enabling agile and informed actions within fast-paced environments.


Workflow Integration

Streamflow interview data and insights into existing workflows to enhance organizational efficiency and productivity

Enterprise Readiness

Genway offers a secure environment for your research data, boasting enterprise-grade security, SOC2 certification, advanced identity management, robust admin controls, and more to ensure the utmost data safety and protection.

Testimonials from Early Testers

The views and opinions expressed herein belong solely to the individuals and do not reflect the opinions or positions of their respective employers.

“Getting “thick data” at scale has been impossible. We could never afford to hire the researchers or build out the operations for that, until Genway came along. Genway is breaking the boundaries between quant and qual research, by leveraging AI to transform the research .”

Senior Research Manager

Noam Segal

"Genway AI is one of those rare teams that truly understands and harnesses the potential of AI. It's clear that the people behind the product are unwaveringly user-focused, which gives me the utmost confidence that Genway AI will evolve into an invaluable tool in its field."

UX Researcher

Adam Kollár

"Seeing Genway's capabilities I was really impressed. As a product leader, I see the great potential that Genway has in changing how product teams gather feedback from customers and do product discovery. Genway found a way to remove a big part of this trade-off!"

VP Product Innovation

Yoni Epstein

"Genway has helped us collect vital customer feedback with ease. Scheduling feedback sessions with a customer has always been a pain point with high drop-off rates, and having an async interview method that a customer can complete in their own time has been a big value add"

Co-Founder & CEO

Sho Sugihara

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