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From teams of one to Insights Generating Functions at large enterprises, Genway AI empowers Customer Centric companies with Human Insights at unprecedented scale and depth.

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Meet our Team

Genway AI is an Israeli based startup, founded at the beginning of 2023
by a team of 3 friends - veterans of Google, JUSTT and Salesforce. The company came
to life following the founders personal experiences and first-hand challenges with receiving Actionable Feedback from Customers.

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Our story

Let's embark on the journey of how it all started...

2022 • August

The Hackathon

Genway's journey began on the night of X 2022, during a FinTech Hackathon in Tel Aviv - where two of the co-founders had a chance to drill for 24-hours over the needs of their customers

2023 • January

The Validation

Over the course of Q1 '23 the founding team conducted over a hundred validation conversations with software enterprises to validate the need and fine-tune the solution

2023 • March

The Prototype

If a picture is worth a thousand words a prototype is worth a thousand meetings. Following in-depth validation conversations we released Lulu v1.0 to help our stakeholders better understand Genway's vision.

2022 • May

The Incorporation

Genway incorporated in Delaware USA and began negotiating it's first enterprise deals

2023 • August

Early Adopters

12-months after the team came together, we began onboarding first enterprise customers across a number of industries.

Our mission

Our mission is to become the leading source of Human Insights for Customer Centric companies

Our Values

Customer Centricity

At Genway AI, Customer Centricity drives our innovative software. We prioritize trust and long-term partnerships for success.


Genway AI's relentless pursuit of technological innovation empowers clients, equipping clients for a customer-centric world.


Our unwavering commitment to continuous and relentless research empowers our AI-based end-to-end solution, defining Rapid Research.

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