AI Summary

Reduce post-interview work with personalized summaries for relevant stakeholders.

Introducing Genway's AI Summary Feature

Fast-track your journey to actionable insights with Genway's AI Summary feature. We've transformed user research into a swift, efficient process, delivering insights that empower your decisions in real-time.

Interview Level Summary

Imagine conducting interviews with 200 individuals as part of a deep dive into NPS detractors. With Genway's Interview Level Summary, you can expect nothing less than in-depth, individualized summary for each interview. This means that every unique perspective, sentiment, and pain point of your interviewees is captured and presented in a clear and concise format. No detail goes unnoticed, and no valuable insight is left buried in a mountain of data.

Engagement Level Summary

But we don't stop at individual interviews; Genway empowers you to grasp the bigger picture as well. The Engagement Level Summary is where all the puzzle pieces come together. This feature summarizes the entire study, whether you've interviewed 200 people or more.

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