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Cut post-interview tasks with AI-based Auto Tagging—robust yet flexible.

The Power of Genway's AI Tagging

Our AI Tagging system serves as the backbone of your Rapid User Research by AI solution. Providing a reliable and efficient way to categorize and organize the insights gathered during your engagements. Whether you're conducting an NPS deep dive engagement, Continuous Product Discovery, or any other type of engagement, Genway's AI Tagging establishes a solid baseline tagging system to streamline the process.

Baseline Auto Tagging: Built for Efficiency

Our baseline auto tagging system is designed to save you time and effort. It's not a one-size-fits-all solution but a dynamic, adaptable system. For instance, in the case of Continuous Product Discovery engagement, our base line tagging system would be persona-based since interviewee's feedbck and comments might be relevant to different stakeholders, such as CSM, Product, R&D, Growth, and more.

The benefits of baseline auto tagging include:

  • Consistency: Ensure uniformity in tagging, which facilitates easier tracking and analysis.
  • Efficiency: Save hours of manual work with our automated tagging system.
  • Data Organization: Streamline your insights and make them easily accessible when you need them.

The Flexibility You Need

But here's where Genway's AI Tagging truly shines: it's not just about automation; it's also about putting the power in your hands. We understand that every engagement is unique, and sometimes you need to go beyond the baseline. That's why we've given you the ability to create your own custom tags.

Create Unique Tags: Tailored to Your Needs

The flexibility of Genway's AI Tagging allows you to customize your tagging system to reflect the nuances of your specific Brand and engagement. Whether you want to capture specific themes, emerging trends, or project-specific insights, you have the creative freedom to design your unique set of tags.

The advantages of custom tags include:

  • Precision: Fine-tune your tagging system to capture insights that matter most to your project.
  • Adaptability: Stay responsive to changing research objectives and adapt your tagging system accordingly.
  • Enhanced Insights: Dive deep into project-specific areas of interest with your custom tags.

The Perfect Balance: Robust and Flexible

Genway's AI Tagging is all about striking the perfect balance between a robust, automated tagging system and the flexibility to tailor it to your unique requirements. It's the ideal tool to streamline your user research, maintain consistency, and unleash the full potential of your insights.

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